Will Woodford do anything for us??

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Will Woodford do anything for us??

Though longtime Olympus employee (and forum contributor) Thomas K. who worked under this self-proclaimed "white knoight" has warned us repeatedly that Woodford was a dreadful bean counter and corporate cost-cutter, people here are repeatedly raising hopes that he or his like will take over Olympus.

It is important to understand that the interests of such overpaid CEO's seldom - this is where Steve Jobs was exceptional - coincide with the interests of the ultimate consumers of a company's products. Their main driving interest is usually, and quite demonstrably in maximizing profits and minimizing costs while they secure and increase their income and power. The ultimate hero of such people is likely John Paulson, who managed to pocket 3.7 billion dollars in 2007 by bankrupting countless homeowners,

Please look closely at Woodford's own record with Olympus, and especially at what he has said and done. There certainly are indications of some ongoing scheming, a strong, still p[artly hidden agenda and huge ego and ambition.

And absolutely no sign of the sort of vision and imagination and creativity that so suffused the character of people like Steve jobs, or Maitani.

The survival of Olympus looks more doubtful every day, but we should not make the rather ethnocentric assumption that this white western knight is going to do anything useful to us.if he manages to take control of the company. His real focus is clearly on advancing himself, and there are likely other financial vultures who are already waiting in the wings for choice pieces of the carcass of the proud old corporation he has already managed to bring to its knees.

And, BTW, students of corporate culture often cite some Japanese corporate leaders as models of social and economic responsibility, and Japan as a country in which, for example, a CEO cannot, for example, slash his company's workforce while giving himself and his cronies a huge wage increase.

Japan is also a country in which the disparities in income and the salaries of CEOS have not yet come close to the obscene levels that they have reached in the US or Canada or the UK, Woodford's homeland.

None of this should be seen as excusing the extreme stupidity and possible criminality of the present Olympus king and court. It is simply an attempt to move the discussion to a more adult and analytical level.

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