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Re: Best tough camera ?

There are some very fine images here I think, especially these with waterdrops.

The Olympus Tough 6000 which was in the group-test from 2009 here at Dpreview seems to be one of the better waterproof Olympus for image quality. I see here and in full-size samples from a review that the tough 3000 can be rather useful also.

I don't know which one of them and the old SW models which are best in that regard though. The new TG 610 and 810 destroy more details than the tough 6000.

So far my compact of choice when I want to carry a waterproof or rugged camera are the Ricoh 500G or 500SE which is a little bit bulky but rather low NR which contributes to preserve fine-details well. It is based on the Ricoh Caplio GX8 which have a 1/1.8" ccd and 28-85mm lens which begin with f2.5.

white balance needs to be set to cloudy to avoid some weird random slight purple cast outdoors. No real image stabilization or sensor-shift though. There is only some built-in software called antiblur which I think is some sort of digital image-stabilization. Ironically I found it only to blur details to a very small extent when it is turned on compared to have it off when I took identical pictures and compared these.

I don't know what kind of image stabilization are used for the tough 3000. But if it is some software-based it might be worth to compare it turned on and off to see if it makes some difference.

Did the same test with the newer G700 which I bought just about one month ago as used for testing purpose and got a similar outcome with detail-blur using that "camera shake correction" as it is called in that model. The G700 are a good model too even though it uses more NR which can't be turned off.

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