Studio Lens: Nikon 16-85 or 17-55F2.8???

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Re: Studio Lens: Nikon 16-85 or 17-55F2.8???

First I must say that I'm very much an amateur photographer and that, unlike a lot of much more knowledgable/technical folks here, my assessments are much more subjective.

Having said that - I am a craftsman and came to a studio set-up and DSLR bcause of the need of high quality images for magazines etc. I was guided by very good advice from this an the Nikon Lens forums. Initially I bought a 2nd hand 16-85 vr and it was stunningly sharp. Took it through all the aperture range shooting a brick wall, checked for distortion and front/back focusing and found I had a 'perfect copy'. However, as my experience, understanding and (maybe) creativity grew I did find the OOF/Bokeh 'lumpy' and, again from v. good advice on the Lens forum, went for the Sigma 18-50 HSM. Again, lucky to have a perfect copy but this lens is a stunner! Unbelievable quality and value. In fact, at the moment I've lent it to a pro full frame (Nikon) photographer who loves it. I have to agree with the OP that in the light of my experience it would be a shame for you to rule out other brands especially if, like me, money is tight. If you DO go for a Sig or Tamron, just buy it from a no hassle return dealer and check it thoroughly as soon as you get it.

Good Luck!


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