GXR A12 50mm dust on sensor, what now?

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Re: GXR A12 50mm dust on sensor, what now?

What aperture is that? I would guess something like f5 - f8 or smaller.

Ricoh and their problem with dust in their compacts are well-known in this forum-section. Some models have less porblems with dust than other though. The first Caplio GX, GX8 GX200, GRDIII, and the R/CX-series which instead have suffered from worse quality-control than the rest of the Ricohs which resulted in many R/CX compacts with decentered lenses leaked out from the factory. Also the GX100 was terrible in that regard while a good copy of that lens was quite good.

Guess they got it right with the GX200 instead, which have same optical design but a new, more effective dust sealing and perhaps less wild sample-variation as well.

Just a shame that Ricoh decided to abandon the GX-series. That was a mistake despite that some competitors catched up with faster lenses but still Ricoh have the best user interface. GXR S10 have sometimes been called the GX300 but it really is not and definitely not as pocket-friendly as a GX200.

I'm afraid that CX might be their next line of compacts in danger as we still have not seen some good sign of a CX6 which usually are released with some interval of 6-7 months between each update.

Considering Pentax 'record' with their digital compacts, I'm not too optimistic about the Optio RZ10 and RZ18 as some kind of replacement for Ricoh CX. Still need to see full-size samples from the RZ18 though too see what the new zoom and also jpeg engine might be up to.

I don't know of some remarkable digital Pentax compacts with exception for some of their waterproof models. The good old Optio W60 compared very well against Canon Powershot D10 and Pentax TS1/FT1 within the top three in the group-test from 2009.

From the page about the Optio W80 " We don't like: Image quality not as good as the W60 which it replaces" http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q209waterproofgroup/page7.asp

And the W90 which sine have followed was even marginally worse and added sometimes weird colours.

The newest Optio WG-1 is a step in right direction again but not as good as the W60 for image quality. At least it should focus as fast as the W90 which was rather quick even indoors when I handled one in a store during this summer. Basically wanted to check if the NR perhaps could be turned and it couldn't.

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