LCD or EVF or both/and?

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LCD or EVF or both/and?

Since the thread in which this matter was being discussed (see here)

came to the 150 posts limit, I take the liberty of starting a new one in order to respond to one of its last posts, more specifically, this one:

tjuster1 wrote:

Anders W,

If I may chime in . . .

Yes you are welcome.

You're sounding more and more truculent in this discussion.

If I am, it is because others responded in a way that gave me reason to be (as exemplified by the text quoted below).

And while you keep harping on your 'facts' in favor of using a VF, you've conveniently ignored some other 'facts' about shooting without one, that I and others have mentioned: (a) you can see better what's NOT being captured, because you're not looking through a tunnel; and (b) you can hold the camera in many more positions when it's not attached to your face.

No, I am not "conveniently ignoring" anything you or others have said.

First, if you have read what I have written (in the other thread), you will find that I have already responded to your point a). But I am happy to repeat what I said. Since I usually compose mentally before even lifting the camera to my eye (and think it a good idea to do so), I usually have little need to see what's outside the frame since I already know it. To that I would like to add one more thing, namely that I have no dfficulty seeing what's outside the frame even with my right eye at the EVF since my left eye is free to look around.

Second, regarding point b), which I have also dealt with to at least some extent: No you can't hold the camera in many more positions when it is not attached to your face. I took quite a few shots lying, kneeling, hanging or whatever long before LCDs were invented. The only real exception here is over-the-head shots (which were of course doable without LCDs too albeit not with precise framing), under the additional provision that the LCD is articulated (which is far from always the case).

However, as I have repeatedly emphasized, I do value the availability of an articulated LCD for purposes like those described above. In some cases, such as when shooting with the camera in a very low position, it is simply more convenient than lying down or kneeling. In other cases, as when shooting over your head, it allows more precise framing.

In general, my point from the very beginning is not that I consider the EVF superior under all circumstances. Therefore, I prefer a camera having both an EVF and an articulated LCD (like the G1 I now have). Rather, as I have repeatedly stressed, I am arguing against the claim that the LCD is just as good as an EVF under all or most circumstances and that the EVF is therefore redundant.

I'll also add that within the m43 world having an included EVF means going to a larger, non-pocketable camera and that alone is a deal-breaker for me.

Yes, and that's the only reasonably solid argument in favor of chosing a camera without an EVF that I have so far encountered. You simply sacrifice some functionality to save bulk/weight.

Two things are worth adding here. First, as the NEX 7 shows, it is possible to design a very small (and pocketable to the extent that the lens permits) camera with an EVF as well as an LCD. In fact, it was the disappointment caused by the news that the GX1 would not include an EVF that started the thread in which the discussion between you and me (and others) arose.

Second, the concession in terms of bulk/weight that you have to make in order to get the EVF is quite small even with current m43 cameras. Just compare the G3 with comparable (in terms of features and user interface) m43 cameras without an EVF.

Now whether or not those 'facts' are important to you or not, as opposed to the other advantages a VF offers, is a personal decision. Like everything else in photography, choosing whether or not to use a VF is a compromise. I have no doubt you have good reasons for deciding the VF is for you, and given your preference it seems reasonable that you wouldn't look at any camera without one--but to insist that your conclusion must be valid for everyone else is just nonsense. And that's what you're sounding like in this discussion.

I have never denied that it is a personal decision or that everyone has the right to make the choice by and for themselves. But the main reason for discussing those personal decisions with others, in a public place like this forum, is, I take it, to air and discuss the validity of the arguments/motvations people have for or aginst those choices. And in this regard, the only reasonably valid argument against having an EVF that I have so far seen is that (in the current m43 camera market), you can save a minimum of bulk, weight, and (possibly) money by omitting it.

OK, butting out now. I apologize if I've poked my nose where it doesn't belong.

No reason. You and your nose are perfectly welcome.

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