43Rumors says no built-in EVF on the new GX1

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Re: Can you say...

"Hobbled by the overall size" loooool?

Have you seen the actual size compared to MFT cameras? The only limiting factor in terms of size are the lenses. And if you think Sony isn't working on solutions now to bring more to market and reduce the size factor, then you're kidding yourself.

Samsung will be close on their heels too. The interesting cams of 2011/2012 are coming from M4/3 mirrorless competitors.

tjuster1 wrote:

The NEX-7 appears to be the bee's knees for shooting legacy glass, but it's $1,200 and is hobbled by the overall size and general lack of native lenses. I have no brand loyalty at all, but I wouldn't buy one even if I had $1,200 to spare--unless it was just as a toy to use with my relatively few legacy lenses.

GodSpeaks wrote:

s_grins wrote:

Now is your time to read carefully: keeeeeeep looooooooooooking, David !!!!!


How much market share does O&P want to give up?

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