The reality of the Thai flood sinks in ...

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The reality of the Thai flood sinks in ...

Here is a set of images from the Nikon factory at the High Technology Park just south of Ayutthaya in Thailand. The NEX and A77, A65, kit lenses etc Sony factory sits in the same park, all under about 10-12 feet of water right now.

The rivers running into and around A. have crested except for two smaller ones. So the water level is at its max, expected to decrease by 1/2 inch per day over the weekend and then a bit quicker. But the park is only 4m (13 feet) above sea level; and the sea is 50 miles south ...

The flood will be there for another month (expected). The factory might be ready for use another month after that when the infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage .. ) has been restored and the floor cleaned. (But there are 6 similar College campus sized industrial parks around A. that need to be re-built.) The camera/sensor/lens making machines and the associated clean rooms are about the same total loss as houses in N.O. were after Katrina ...

The second picture is from October 18. All thanks to PhotoMalaysia.

Of course, the industrial sludge from all these factories now all floats and poisons the soil of the plain that is mainly used for rice farming. And this will stop all farming for many years until the environmental pollution from these, our beloved gizmo factories has been cleaned up.
What a horror for East Asia and its rice bowl ...

A chemical Chernobyl, Fukiyama, Hiroshima once over again. A 60 by 80 miles area non-farmable for decades ...

I wish Thailand had set up industrial parks outside its agricultural land on the hills ...

But then the prices would be higher we that would pay for Hondas, Nikons, Sonys, Canons, etc.

Sustainability requires a price, does it not, so does green technoiogy, but that is sustainable.

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