Sony a77/65 high iso 6mp examples

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Re: Sony a77/65 high iso 6mp examples

TrojMacReady wrote:

rinkos wrote:

Woland65 wrote:

More specifically, what do you mean "the same" noise?

Do you mean the same noise when viewed at 100%? (If this is true it is bad news and I wonder what the downsampling algorithm is doing.)

Or do you mean the same noise when viewed at the same size?

Thanks! (I am still interested in examples also.)

it means that Sony is not doing what nikon's new v1 j1 are doing called pixel binding

ie ..transforming 4 pixels to on ..24 vs 6 u know ratio 4 to 1 thus getting rid of a lot of noise...

Can you point is to some official documentation or proof where it states these cameras apply pixel binning for still photography and show us some samples where we see the benefit?

you know something Troj..u were right..i read it at nikon forums and saw one post of it at nikon's rumor site and thought to myself they must be not making stuff up ..but seems like they did..i have searched everywhere and didnt see any proof its something used..people have claimed the canon 7D does it when going to smaller pictures and ever the 5D mkII but no ..none really does much for listenning to people.

as for the concept itself it is there .google it up ....the benefit is of course less noise but u do lose details in the process ...trick is do something like the "content aware" feature on CS5 just somehow keep the minute details...

as for the noise itself .if u make each 4 pixels to 1 and 1 or 2 of them have noise then they would be averaged to no noise at all...if u have 3 noisy pixels then u wont...simple as that ...something i have yet to try out though...since i use the 16mp cam...but sure enough if and when i get one of the 24mp sensor cams ill probably have to check that out.

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