Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Re: tools and challenges

Camp Freddy wrote:

Nice demo on the weirdest caravan I have ever seen John. (ed Jeff)

Folds flat in about 30 seconds. The uncropped photo was from
a series showing all the cool spots we stayed for little or no money. I just
grabbed it because the was is a shadow which (even with the limed DR of the

E-3) can be lifted. And even if it isn't up to Joe's standards, there is a surprising
amount of info. in the shadows.

Do you own all three cameras ?

The D7000 is just a revelation: I almost got a d90 but being an OM owner from before, an E450 with three lenses suited my budget.

So I would love to have a d7000 and a very complementary mFT camera.

No, just FT and mFT stuff. I copied the sample from Joe's link.

I actually find, like days of film, I enjoy the challenge of the limitations of my gear and the use of tripods, flash and reflectors to make up for DR and then post proc' to I stretch or if you must, do HDR, then do it manually.

I think this thread has been worth reading and contributing to, although it started a little off-oly, it has its contetx now in place.

I frequently add fill light - sometimes do HDR, but it always seems to be to save a photo that wouldn't be that good anyway. I find the shots I like usually required some effort to get good natural ligh (or be lucky).

For me, lens size more important the DR or high ISO. I haven't found a focal length I don't like. With mFT I now travel with a couple of fast primes, std zoom, UWA & fisheye, and a telephoto. All fits in the corner of a carry on bag. If I drive, I take an E-5 and fast telephotos. Then I just work around the sensor I have.

I think all current DSLRs give great results, some have wider range, but in my experience that will just allow me to get better results in lousy conditions. I would rather have more lens options.

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