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how long to sony do that for us?

neodraig wrote:

Many things you are asking there are hardware related so they can't be fixed by a firmware update.

I'll quote myself but here is my list of things that could be easily fixed with a firmware update and that had bothered me since I bught my NEX-5 one year ago and that are still present in the NEX-5N (some may have already been mentionned in the previous posts):

DMF mode
When the camera can't auto-focus, you can't focus manually.

For me, the main interest of the DMF mode would be to focus manually when the camera can't, but at the moment it's not possible wich is a big drawback, that's really fustrating.

Disable auto-enlarging in Manual mode with E-mount lenses

Peaking mode is working great with manual lenses but with E-mount lenses it's not so good.

As soon as you turn the focussing ring the display enlarges and make the peaking function useless: the main interest of the peaking mode is to focus quickly without to enlarge the view.
There's no way to disable that behaviour, that sucks!

Panorama mode

As kuro_neko proposed when I first posted those issues, it would be much easier to use the soft button when in panaorama mode to select the direction you want to shoot when you wish to change it.

Instead of that you have to select the panorama mode, then go back in the menu, select "camera", enter "panorama direction" and finally select the direction desired, boring.

Bracket mode
The bracket mode is currently limited to ±0.7EV (wich is useless) and 3 shots.
I'd like to have the possibility to go at least up to ±2.0EV and 5 shots.

What really irritates me is that the HDR mode can go up to ±6.0 EV, so that's clearly a software limitation and not a hardware one!

Auto ISO
The auto ISO setting will just go up to 1600 ISO (3200 on the NEX-N).

I would like the camera to go up to 3200 or 6400 ISO (or even 12800 on the NEX-N) in auto ISO setting if I wish.

HDR mode
The HDR mode is a pain in the @$$ to use.

I shoot RAW, so first I have to go in the image size menu, then quality and select JPEG. Then go back in the menu, then brightness/color, then DRO/Auto HDR and finally select HDR, ouch.

First, why the hell the camera doesn't automatically switch to JPEG when you select the HDR mode, it already does it for anti-motion blur and hand-held twilight. Secondly, the feature could be more accessible, it could be in the scene selection.

You can partially fixe that on the NEX-5N with the keys shortcut but I still would prefer to have the camera switching formats automaticaly.

Switching the soft key buttons

I mostly shoot with manual lenses and I often use the manual focus assist button, and it would be much more convenient if it could be assigned at the top soft key. The menu would be assigned at the bottom soft key.

Set the minimum shutter speed

When I'm in A mode, I'd like to set the minimum shutter speed. It would be really usefull when using legacy lenses.

Remote control in any mode

One can't use the remote when using the bracket mode nor the HDR mode, why? The remote activation shouldn't be in the drive mode but somewhere else.

Menu button
With the custom buttons, we don't have direct access to the mode dial anymore.

What would be nice is when using the menu button, a short press would bring the mode dial and a long press would bring the menu. Most of the time when I go into the menu it's just to access the mode dial to select a different mode.

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