Qualification in Photography?

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Re: Qualification in Photography?

I have an HND and a BA(hons) in photography. Did the three years spent doing photography full time help me learn my craft? You bet they did. Do the letters after my name make me more likely to book work? Almost certainly not. To paraphrase a quote - "It's the pictures, stupid".

If you want to fast-track your learning you have to just do it. Work hard at your craft and learn from your mistakes. Be self critical. Go and work with photographers who's work you love and try to emulate them, and in the process you will eventually develop your own style. I suggest looking at photographers who are well out of your area, that way you will not be threatening their business.

And to answer one of your posts above, if you have weddings on Fridays and Saturdays, believe me you will not have time for other jobs in the week!


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