A budget FF camera?

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Re: A budget FF camera?

Woland65 wrote:

Lots of opinions here, and you may be right. Still, do you have anything to back up your arguments? Because they do not feel natural to me, being reasonably knowledgable in technology but by no means an expert on cameras.

The FF sensors are immensely expensive compared to the APS-C sensors, especially if production is to be ramped up for a "cheaper" FF camera. This means the price point will be a lot higher than APS-C cameras for identical performance, and that in turn means almost no-one will buy them.

There is a reason FF cameras are halo products. The base cost is so high that saving a little on body material and speed of electronics makes almost no impact on end price, but it makes a huge difference in buyer perception of a camera.

For instance, i don't see why the electronics of an FF camera would have to be of higher quality than what is in the a65.

If they're not, very few people will buy the much more expensive FF camera over the A65.

The analog circuits would have to be different for sure, but why would they need to be of higher quality? Also, the whole digital part could have significantly lesser requirements than the a65 24mp 10 frames/s.

So at least 50% more expensive (conservatively estimating) AND with lower performance than the A65? Yeah, that will make it fly off of the shelves.

Plus at 10MP I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. The low light performance will suck .


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