Fui won't fix my camera with sticky aperture blades

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Fui won't fix my camera with sticky aperture blades

I posted a shorter version of this message as a deep reply in a sticky aperture blade thread. Apologies for the duplicate post, but I thought it may have been missed by many.

My aperture blades failed after about a month, maybe earlier as I blamed myself for random blown exposures. I sent it into Fuji for a repair but they refused to repair the camera under warranty because they found a tiny drop of sticky residue that had seeped through the bottom speaker port and a few small nicks on the bottom plate.

They wanted $900 to repair the thing, claiming it needed a new lens and circuit boards!

After they sent it back, I opened it up to find the minuscule amount of sticky residue only on the bottom inner plate, nowhere near the lens assembly.

I protested to Fuji but they didn't budge.

I'm very disappointed with Fuji. I went from being a vocal Fuji evangelist to their biggest naysayer. I've ensured no one I know will buy a Fuji camera...

I ended up buying a Sony Nex 5n to replace the x100. It's so much better - the firmware is significantly more responsive and makes much more sense (yes, the menus are confusing but nowhere as ridiculous as the x100 menus). It focuses quicker and exposes way better. The control wheel and OK button are very usable, it has more customizable buttons. Manual focus works too and you can use a number of cheap, great old lenses. Image quality is as good as the x100. And it costs about 1/2 as much. I could go on, but this post isn't about the Nex.

I did get tired making excuses for why the x100 was a good camera despite it's many flaws.

Attached is Fuji's shot of the residue and some some tests I did with sandwiched stainless steel pieces and varying drops of margarita mix to determine just how much liquid incursion occurred. I let the liquid dry. As you can see all it takes is a drop or two to void your warranty.

The numbers above the residue is the number of drops.

They also claimed the ding on the soft magnesium bottom plate to be another cause for not honoring the warranty.

I remember that drop and it was a small one, though onto some rough concrete. I don't know what magnesium alloy Fuji used, but most are about the same hardness as 6061 aluminum (fairly soft - ie you can easily scratch it with a ball point pen)

At the very least, I recommend putting some electrical tape over your speaker port. Getting a leather/nylon body case for the camera is also a good protection against Fuji warranty issues.

BTW, in talking to the Fuji tech, he said they regularly monitor this forum. If you are listening Fuji, it's not too late to redeem yourself!

It'd be great if mine could get fixed so I could sell it.

Has anybody else have Fuji weasel out of fixing their camera?

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