Advice for first build

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Advice for first build

I am about to take on my first PC build and would like some advice on the components. My main use for this will be for Lightroom, CS5, and web surfing. No gaming. Below I have listed the components that I have found in my research so far. In addition, there are some questions that I have for some of those components as listed. My budget is around $1,000 USD.

CPU - i5-2500k w/plan to OC
MOBO - Asus P8Z68-V PRO
CASE - Too many choices here! Looking at Antec or Lian Li. Advice?
PS - Probably a Corsair. Wattage? Modular?

SSD - Intel, OCZ or Crucial? What size? I plan to use it for the OS, LR, CS5, and scratch disk

Video Card - I have heard that I don't need a video card for photo editing but I do have two monitors. I was thinking use the video card for my main 24" monitor and use the mobo for my side 19" monitor. Thoughts?

CPU Cooler - since I plan to OC the CPU, I understand that I would need to add a cooler. Looking at the Cool Master Hyper 212

RAM - Corsair or Kingston? I plan to start with 8gb. Do I need to be concerned with the type of RAM since I'm using a CPU Cooler? I had heard of clearance issues.

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Now, I do have MS Flightsimulator that I run once in a great while. I'm not sure if this needs to run in XP. If so, I'm assuming that I would need Win 7 Pro.

DVD burners, card reader, keyboard and mouse, SATA cables I can figure out.
What about additional fans or replacing stock fans with better, quieter ones?

I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice you can provide!


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