A new natural partner for Sigma?

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Re: A new natural partner for Sigma?

Alex 2011 wrote:

We all know about the special powers of the Foveon Sensor. Wonder what would happen of they used it in this new camera.


Foveon colors, and never have to worry about missing the focal point again.

The samples on display there are pretty impressive. (You can shift the focal point after the image is taken.)

Am I the only one who thinks the samples suck?

The resolution is really low. But that would be OK since as you note you can adjust focal length at any time... except that there's lots of odd pattern noise in areas of flat color, and I would swear infinity focus is impossible as all images seem soft for any distance greater than 100 feet or so.

I was planning to get one just to support alternative cameras but it just seems like there are too many drawbacks. I do wish them well though, it's a good idea supporting Facebook with a plugin so that anyone can explore the range of depth in an image. I just wish they also had controls to flatten out focus across the whole image, and they need some way to set a default focus as the thumbnails for many images look poor.

As for foveon support - they'd need an SD-1 sensor for it to make any sense. But the files would be rather large, and I don't know if the infinity focus problem would remain (that's the worst issue I think).

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