1Dx seems lame, after 3 years....

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Re: 1Dx seems lame, after 3 years....

NoBanLecter wrote:

After three years of my 1Ds3, this is a bit on the sad side.
Sort of the same way Nikon bleated for years that high ISO meant nothing.....
It'll be a nice 1D4 upgrade I guess, but it bodes badly for a 5D3 upgrade...
Anyone else thing it's lame city?

The 1D4 is perfectly serviceable and 18MP...

I am confused...

I don't get it either, the 1DX seems to be the perfect camera for me. I love the 12 FPS, I love the full frame sensor, I love the improved sensor, the AF modes and the other new features. I am a sports photographer and losing the 1.3 sensor doesn't bother me a bit. 18 mp's is plenty enough to crop. This is what everyone has been screaming for and now that it's out all you hear is complaining that its not enough. Maybe Nikon has what your looking for.

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