FZ150 Soccer Shooters: How Do You Zoom?

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Re: FZ150 Soccer Shooters: How Do You Zoom?

bontemps wrote:

Trying to work out the best way to handle soccer's rapidly changing distance to play while maintaining framing and focus. So far it seems that if I want focus to be tracking, I can't zoom to reframe. If I stop focussing, I can zoom, but even then the amount and abruptness of the distance change is leaving me badly framed much of the time, so, I'm hoping that some of the more experienced sports shooters here have come up with better technique. Any suggestions? Or is it really going to take a manual zoom (with associated fast focus) to have a hope of keeping up?

Wrap your left hand under the lens barrel on the FZ150...use your left thumb on the zoom side lever to frame the shot while your right index finger is on the shutter in 5.5 AF Burst or 12 Shot Burst...you'll get plenty of keepers...set Shutter Speed to highest possible speed without raising ISO above 200 if possible, I actually limited my ISO to 200 for this to force me to adjust camera to get the shutter speed up...Standard Mode...Sharp +1...NR -1....AWB 5 to Blue and 5 down to red which was actually off...now it's 2 up Green and 2 right to Blue....

Use Use Center One Shot AF or move One Shot AF box up 2 to 5 notches if you can frame close so you insure you get the feet and the ball in the shot....
Here's a few I took two weeks ago:
FlickR Photostream:

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