Choir wants me to take pics - copyright/ownership/rights questions

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Choir wants me to take pics - copyright/ownership/rights questions

(Excuse me if I've placed this in the wrong forum).


I've been approached by a Choir who want me to take photographs for their up coming concert.

I've yet to do any paid work as a photographer but I know the chairman of the choir and she's keen to have me do this work.

It's getting close to the day of the shoot and committee are asking questions of me about copyright etc.

I've mentioned that being employed as a freelancer it is standard practice that I own the copyright to these images.

They accept that.

But now they're asking what I might do with the images.

I've had a little think and I anticipate perhaps putting a couple on my website. I do not anticipate selling any, but who knows !?!?! Maybe a Stock Photo site might be interested in a couple.

Now, this being the UK, we need to get all sorts of permission and this also being a Choir (trust me, there are some rather 'difficult' people in it !) some are bound to first say no before I've even clicked my shutter.

We're talking about a 90 strong choir and at this stage I have no idea how many in that 90 strong group of people may not consent to having their picture used on my site and/or being free for me to do with as I wish. It may be a couple, it may be half a dozen or so who say yes okay for putting on a website (or not) and no it's not okay to sell these images.

Could someone advise on a way forward, I'm struggling here how best to deal with this situation and the best way forward ??

For information, I'll be taking photographs during their rehearsals (and not during their concert performance).


Kind regards,


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