1DX, whats next ?? Canon's Future Camera Lineage

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1DX, whats next ?? Canon's Future Camera Lineage

I couldn't beleive my eyes when I read the new Canon Specs... I was amazed and in heaven. I had to read it over and over again to believe that Canon packed so much in one cam.

Just a thought (probably this isnt new, but just a thought).

So the new cam is the 1 D series with all the features. Canon must have found a new revenue maker, that it has amalgamated all the current tech into one cam. It must have something up its sleave that will be a money generator for the company, otherwise it would not abandon the split 1D line.

Speculations..... as it makes sense to me.

So there might be an evolution of the 1Ds line (it might be a totally new camera, and perhaps even be the Medium Format). Will it be named the 1Ds or given a new name... thats up in the air. But this seems to be a signal that Canon is moving into a new realm.

The 5 D line may be split like the 1D and the 1Ds series. So a full frame and APS-C size sensor. (? 6D).

Perhaps the new line might also be two new lines, Medium format and Foveon sensors. Don't know if Canon has totally abandoned the Foveon sensor. It might not be for stills, might be incorporated for movie and 3-D technology.

Hmmm.... Any thoughts ?

I know this might be repetition, and you dont have to post a reply if you don't find this interesting, I dont mind. Appreciate your thoughts.


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