Beautiful HDR of Colorado in Fall Colors.

Started Oct 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
Allen Gerdes Veteran Member • Posts: 5,624
Re: Beautiful HDR of Colorado in Fall Colors.

First, let me say that this image has great possibilities, but I agree with the others about the oversaturation. Additionally, the white balance appears to be off, giving the far hills a blue cast and a slight magenta cast in the foreground. The horizon also appears to be high on the left side, at least to my eye.

If you would allow me to post my edit of your image, I would like to show you how I feel it should look in a realistic world.

Hope you take my criticism as being well intentioned as that is what it is. Of course, we all have our own ideas as to what "looks" best and therefore, I cannot fault you if you prefer the image as originally posted. Most good retouchers will, I believe, agree on the oversaturation issue. As far as sharpening, the image will likely look OK when printed.


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