Looking for some C&C..somewhat new to photography..

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Re: Looking for some C&C..somewhat new to photography..

I don't really care for brutal honesty. So, How about a short, but detailed critique?

My first thought upon seeing your pictures: framing. In several shots, there is a great deal of empty space above the heads of the subjects while there is little space below the feet. In some cases, feet and other body parts are cropped out of the picture. While it is certainly OK to crop close, I think it is a good idea not to cut people off at the joints (hands, fingers, feet, legs below the knee, etc.). Sometimes, the framing issue might be easily solved with a change in the camera's orientation--from landscape to portrait, for example. Using a vertical approach will often eliminate unnecessary details on the sides of your subject. It might be good to remember that you are not just shooting your subjects. You are shooting everything that is within the frame. Soon enough you will have a library of motifs--standing in a doorway or on a bench in a park--and getting the frame right will be second nature. Good luck!

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