New shots from dpreview using 10-100 power zoom

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Re: Generally disappointing

Don, Sounds like you've convinced yourself of all of your arguments to the point that they have become fact for you. The fact is, IS/VR is not a replacement for fast shutter speeds. There is only one way other than flash to freeze subject movement and that's with fast shutter speeds. IS can help with camera shake, but it does zero to stop subject movement.

As far as high ISO images loosing color, maybe the ones you've seen, but I can shoot my Fuji X100 at ISO 3200 and sometimes I'll need to check the EXIF to see what ISO I shot the image at. It is absolutely liberating to be able to simply crank up the ISO when needed without worrying about it adversely effecting IQ. My Panasonic GF-2 that I shot with for over a year, absolutely lost color fidelity/saturation and got really noisy at ISO 800! Maybe the reason you think high ISO files lose saturation and acutance is because you are used to seeing files from such cameras as the PENs and Panasonics.

Why do you think wedding photographers and photojournalists use 5D's and D3s's?

It is because these cameras have the ability in combination with fast lenses, to handle virtually any low-light situation you through at them.

Regarding adapters for NEX system, there are Leica shooters who purchase NEX bodies, not just so they can have a 2nd body on which to use there lenses, but because the IQ rivals the Leica M9, especially at high ISO. Spend a bit of time at the Ricoh forum, where you see many "GXR M-Mount vs. NEX-5N" posts. These are not gear heads, these are photographers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, the kind of people who buy DSLR, m43, NEX, and everything in between. The average consumer you mention is not shooting any other these. They are shooting Coolpix P&S.

Lastly, where did you ever get the idea that m43 lenses we cheaper than NEX. I don't think there is one Olympus lens you can buy for under $300, and most of the better ones, the 75-300, 12 f2, are $800, 9-18 is $600. That's cheaper? Not even in the same ballpark. Only the new Zeiss and the 18-200 video lens command those kinds of prices. The rest of the Sony E lenses can all be had for $249-299. Quite a big difference. Same thing if you look at Panasonic, which I am quite familiar with as well. Extremely expensive is the Pany m43 glass which, except for the plastic 14-42 kit lens, are $350 and up, with several in the $400-500 range, and more than one in the $800-900 range. So smaller, yes. Cheaper, not even close.

Anyway, I'm not sure I really care all that much. I am interested in the NEX-7 (and possibly the 5N) for high resolution images, but also for 1080/60p video. Pretty much only the Panasonic GH2 offers quality video, although I am interested in the m43 video camera the Panasonic AF100. But as good as it is, at $4700 I'm not sure that a Canon 5D, 7D or D7000 might not give more bang for the buck. Again, it goes back to DOF. The reason so many amateur and professional have latched onto FF and APS-C DSLRs for video in production settings is the superior control over DOF offered by the larger sensors. This just physics, and has nothing to do with fanboyism of brand loyalty. Best.

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