Solid Ball Head for Travel

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KnightsOfNi New Member • Posts: 17
Solid Ball Head for Travel

I have been looking for a while for a travel tripod.

I understand the need for good support so I got a Gitzo GT2531 and an Acratech GV2, it is an excellent setup but too large for a casual hike or a trip to Europe.
So I realize I need something smaller.

I checked out a few travel tripods at the Toronto Camera Show last weekend and ended up getting a Vanguard Alta+ 255CT.

I am using it right now with my Acratech, and although it is great, I need something more compact.
Here is a short list.

1. Really Right Stuff BH-30. Not many reviews, how smooth is it without a seperate friction knob? Do I need to be concerned about no detent pin?

2. Markins Q3 Traveller. Looks good, but a few complaints about the ball slipping.

3. Photo Clam PC-33NS. I know nothing about this head but gets favorable reviews. I wonder if it is a bit bulky.

I am leaning strongest toward the BH-30 as it seems very compact, but I don't hear many recommendations for it.

Any suggestions/comments? I am open to other makes, but it must take Arca style plates and be sufficient to hold a 50D + 70-200
Thanks Knights

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