"Sony a77 sensor – new 18MP full frame Canon flagship Eos 1D X"

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"Sony a77 sensor – new 18MP full frame Canon flagship Eos 1D X"

Here is a thread to discuss Ma55l's post which was spammed.


"Finally some sense has returned to digital photography. Canon has decided not to bow down to the g-d of tiny megapixels.

According to the highly respected Phil Ryan at Popular Photography, Canon has just replaced both the eso 1Ds Mark III and the 1D Mark IV (their flagship cameras) with an 18 MP full frame sensor in the upcoming ($7,000) eos 1D X flagship camera scheduled for March 2012. The pixels are 6.95 microns in diameter and much larger than the 3-4 micron pixels in the Sony a77. The pixel sizes indicates that the Canon will capture four times as much light per pixel than those in the Sony a77. Standard iso will go to 51,200 expandable to 204,800.

This embodies exactly what I have been suggesting in all my posts this year.

Capable high iso performance is not just used for low light, but for sports action where it enables not only faster shutter speeds to stop action but enables using a sweeter aperture at 2 to 5 stops above wide opened for each lens in the new Canon versus the a77. I feel Sony missed the bulls eye on what size sensor and how many pixels to use in the a77.

This is the first time in recent memory that a top of the line flagship camera has been designed with fewer megapixels (except for the popular Nikon D700 and D3S) – violating conventional marketing principles, aimed at poorly educated and closed minded camera enthusiasts, by going to fewer MP and larger real estate to obtain higher quality images. My hat is off to Canon for their courage in doing what is right and their attempt to finally stop the Pixel Peeping Miniscule Megapixel Circus in their new flagship camera. (Try saying that out loud 4 times quickly – you will likely hear it again.)

I predict, and it stands to reason with pixels that are 4 times larger, that the Canon eos 1D X will outperform the a77 and maintain an excellent image quality rating at the Pop photo testing labs not only to iso 400 as for the a77 but to iso 12,800 which is a full five stops better than the a77. Just to give you an idea of the magnitude difference of 5 stops - what you would be limited to shoot with a tripod at 1 second in the a77 you could shoot hand held at 1/30 second in the new Canon. That is huge.

In addition we know that the APS based Pentax K-5 and Sony a580 with only 16 MP outperforms the a77 sensor at both DXO and Popphoto.com. Then I would assume 2 more MP on a full sized frame would outperform these by a wide margin. Where has 24 MP on an APS sensor gotten us – except to part us with our hard earned dollars while making files enormously complex and time consuming to handle?

As for Sony they could have easily gone to full frame at 24 MP (even the same sensor as in the 850-900 with newer processing algorhythms for lower noise) or a less dense, 18 MP, fatter pixeled full frame sensor as in the new Canon, or even a 16 MP APS like in the a580 or Pentax K-5, all of which I had hoped for in the a77. The price could have even been the same or less than the $1400 for the a77 since less expensive sensors and/or already designed sensors could have been used. Not only would Sony owners have better speed, lower noise, better image IQ but files would handled easier/quicker in post processing, require less memory space, have a larger buffer capacity as well as larger and quicker burst speeds. And with 4 times more light per pixel, I believe the Canon will focus much faster at very low light levels.

Perhaps Canon devotees understand more about the physics of digital imaging than we here in the Sony camp. They know that tiny pixels don’t perform as well as pixels that are 4 times the size of those in the a77. They don’t bite their fingernails at the thought of not having more and more MPs. They understand that more and more image quality is the drummer to follow. Canon can give their followers the best that Canon minds can design and their followers will understand and have faith in Canon’s methodology. True professionals understand that and maybe that is why we are considered amateurs. From my experience there are more professionals with Canon cameras than Sony. Perhaps some Sony devotees have become brainwashed and can only understand the cry for more MP! please more MP!
From an AOL article about a month ago:

"The marketplace keeps upping the number of pixels in these cameras without increasing the size of the sensors," says Kay Kenny, photography teacher at New York University. "It is really just about marketing and not about picture quality."

I would have to place Sony near the top of this guys list.

Will I jump ship – absolutely not - there is too much good with Sony. Sony will give us better – we just have to let them know.

Even though the 18MP full frame Canon eos 1D X is not out or tested yet, Canon understands very well what it will do and how it will test and is basing the reputation of their company on its performance. Canon has no fools in its upper echelon management and understands what this sensor will do. Lets wait and see.

What Canon is trying to do for its followers is not just marketing and profit but advancement of the state of the art. Sony take note and give us better not more MP.

(For those that will continually and consecutively post to end this thread – remember that does not stop the opening post and by posting that often you just increase the hits on Google etc. and therefore more people will see what you want to hide from them – the truth!)"

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