D7000 body only, 18-105 or 70-300?

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D7000 body only, 18-105 or 70-300?

I will be purchasing a D7000 through B&H upon their return from holiday and in my purchase I am debating the following:

Buy the:
body only
body with 18-105 (kit)
body with the 70-300.

I currently own a 35mm, 60mm micro, 18-70mm and 55-200mm so I feel that I have myself covered in terms of range with the 35mm being my favorite and 18-70mm being my general purpose (the 55-200 and 60mm micro see less usage... I generally only use the 55-200 when we go on summer vacations in Maine with the purpose to capture nature form afar.. I'd most likely use the lens more if it was faster (my primary subject, beyond work, is my daughter.. she sees the most clicks) and I mostly shot dead bugs so 60mm works out well.

Body only...
Save some cash for later.

18-105 debate...

So, I feel that just a body would be more than enough and I saving the cash might be a good idea BUT having the 18-105 would be nice since it is within the range I generally shot and would resolve switching lenses (although 70mm is generally more than enough for me). Although the 18-105mm isn't really a deal in the kit.. works out to about the same deal, roughly 400 with or without the body.


Currently this lens is $200 off with the body so it would be about $100 (my math is very rough) more than the body with the 18-105 and, from what I have gathered, I'd have a much better lens in the long run (faster and optically better than the 55-200). Maybe I could capture my daughter from afar? (she's fast)... if it is truly better than I might use it more.

Just for the fun of it lets toss in another alternative: 50mm 1.8
I love my 35mm so would I equally love the 50mm? I love doing portraits.

Oh, I should also add that I'm not playing with my own money.. this is "bonus" money (it isn't really my money, whatever I buy is property of the organization I work for) that I was given with my new(ish) job which is why this is a difficult decision. If it was my money I would be getting the body only without debate.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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