Can I make "movies" using just a laptop?

Started Oct 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Can I make "movies" using just a laptop?

After watching a 2 hour lecture - discussion about changing photojournalism, and after starting to think about doing Skype interviews on real television, I got curious about more thoughts.

I'm going to start more serious research, but as a starting point, can people here in DPReview tell me if this would work.:

1/ I get necessary software and, sit in front of my little Acer with a built in camera, attach a microphone, and, while looking at myself on the screen, record commentary on some topic.

2/ Then I pick up the notebook computer and carry it around, pointing it at things that relate to the commentary. For instance, I might be commenting on a story running in a newspaper, and so I'd point the camera built into the computer at a copy of the newspaper.

3/ Then I get someone else to sit down in front fo the computer, and I ask some questions, which that person answers while being recorded visually and aurally.

4/ Then I edit this stuff into a coherent clip, which I can send to a television station or post on Facebook. I've got Adobe Premiere Elements.


I own a T1i with movie making ability and I own a Canon Hi Def video camera with recording directly to a hard drive, plus a decent Sennheiser 400 mic for the movie camera (Cannot be attached to the T1i) but using this stuff requires transferring from the cameras to computers, and the Canon video camera only transfers by cable. T1i can transfer by moving the SD card.

I am NOT LOOKING for specific how to info. Just whether this is feasible and will give me quality equal to the better Skype video we see on CNN, for instance.



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