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Re: This Sigma Forum is so YOUTHFUL!

maxotics wrote:

There's a saying in social work, "expectations lead to resentments". Funny how Sigma users believe a company that makes such limited cameras would one day hit some super home run. Something HAD to go wrong. Right?

Sigma is hardly alone.

I bought an Olympus camera because they said their SDK could do this and that (which I wanted for my robotics). Well, they lied. Then they were hard to get a hold of. All the same Sigma support complaints I read here.

And then Canon. This guy makes this awesome tethered solution for Powershot cameras (PSRemote) and then Canon changes their firmware so that it no longer works (after G9). Does Canon provide their own solution? No.

What about Panasonic putting ridiculous zooms on their P&S, leading to lots of bad photos

I could go on and on.

I doubt the most dysfunctioal company in the world would want to sell any DSLR for $7,000. They have problems. Having been in business for almost 30 years I feel for them. Developing new products is HARD! They're trying to do something new. We have to keep that in mind. It's not like they're hoarding silver or anything.

Forgotting the price, if they succeed, YOU PAID FOR IT. Your support of their other cameras allowed them to create a technology that will enrich our lives. Remember what good can come out of this. Eventually, the price of everything is forgotten.

All that aside!

Screw you Sigma

A bit long winded, but the punchline was worth waiting for!

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