Does video make you money? Why all this emphasis on video?

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Michael Todd Senior Member • Posts: 2,861
Does video make you money? Why all this emphasis on video?

Would still cameras be cheaper without video?

How much is the video aspect worth to you?

I'm asking because I keep seeing video flouted as a major selling point. I'm not a videographer. I have a flip hd video cam and a Sony 1080p video cam, and those do all the video I need. I view video as a completely different workflow and shooting process.

If you're a photographer, is high-quality video making you money? How? Slideshow integration? Wouldn't a $500 video cam held by an assistant do it just as well?

If you're a videographer, wouldn't a designated video camera do a better job?

If you're using your 1D X or whatever for video, then you're not using it for stills (at that moment), which isn't so good in a wedding situation or such (either/or situation).

Would cameras be cheaper if they didn't have the video component?

Personally, I suspect it's a "fun, once in a while thing" for most photographers, not a "I need this for my business" thing. Maybe I'm wrong.

Do medium format shooters say "wow, I wish this did video!"?

I'm just searching for opinions, trying to understand.

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