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Starting a different argument? (part 2)


mrhodges2 wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

The relevance couldn't be more obvious.

The irrelevance couldn't be more obvious, nor could your hypocrisy. The only obvious thing here is that you don't remember saying "have at it" as if you were going to leave this thread.

Oh, so you thought you were having the last word? That was an invitation to make your case, and your misapprehension is no excuse for your throwing a tantrum.

You then realize how much of a total fool you have represented yourself as, and so you come back to try to save face and fix it with MORE specious arguments.

The problem could be that you really do not follow what is going on.

However, were that the case then it's odd that you are apportioning blame only to those countering Joe's lovely little posts.

Another strawman, rather than answering the question.

When GB says the same thing, I do remember someone accusing him of demanding answers and that answers are optional.

Sure, they always are.

Resort to rants such as you are posting, because I refuse to go along with your ruling, is also optional.

It appears that you cannot back up your assertions, so you are resorting to trying to bully me into submission? That won't work, I can assure you.

From this, I will assume that you fully understand the point but are simply attempting to work your way around it. This is Joe's tactic, too.

You are free to assume anything you want. Just be aware that your assumptions and reality have nothing in common.

Refusing to address the point raised, on the grounds that you don't have to, does imply that you realise that your position is untenable.

Done it already.

What you have just proven is that you have no credibility. Just like Joe.

Good. If that's the case, you have discovered about me what I long ago discovered about you during our private discussions. That's why I stopped responding to you.

I thought it was because you couldn't convince me that it was other people who are the cause of the problems on this forum, and that Joe was a poor innocent.

Now, since you feel that way too, take any further discussions about me to either your own thread, where I'll happily engage you in public, or simply shut the hell up as you were doing so well with until now.

Does it strike you as odd that your argument is that I am trying to censure Joe, and yet here you are trying to do the silencing.

(Must... resist... resort to... Godwin. Well, technically I didn't...)

That will simultaneously give you the opportunity to further publicly prove yourself an idiot, and me the opportunity to help you do so.

The ball's back in your court. Start your own "Everyone is being mean to Joe" topic on here and see how it goes, if you want. Or "Nobody will do as I say", perhaps.

So far you're just ranting and making baseless assertions. Why not show that you are capable of this rational discourse that you like to accuse others of not being capable of, and try to make a cogent case for your position.

For the record, GB already hinted upon the fact that you probably knowingly stir up entertainment for the distraction value alone. So you've been made.

Yeah, that's the only explanation all right. (Where's the "smiley" for sarcasm?)

I will admit that you could simply be very gullible, and there are many different kinds of stupid.

(Including, of course, bothering to waste time responding to possible nutters on the internet. I'm really looking forward to seeing if active moderation can drain this swamp.)

BTW, are you going to respond to my reply to the other half of your rant?

I'm just curious as to how you'll set about blaming me for your behaviour, really.

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