Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

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Re: Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

What about that that.

  1. Would you really like to work with a cam that makes you dive into menus whenever you want to change something ?

  2. Are you willing to pay the price of a DSLR and get something that is marginally better than a compact cam ?

  3. Shallow DOF is hardly better than from a P&S.

  4. 1.6s shot to shot is kinda joke (guess a firmware update will change that)

From what you write I conclude that you are a real enthusiast shooter. I'd say the Sony NEX-7 is exactly what you want.

Being a Nikon fan (not fanboy) I'm quite disappointed that Sony managed to create a far better product line (NEX3, NEX5, NEX7) than Nikon. The "1" is a dead end. The sensor size puts physical limits on the cam that no technical progress will ever circumvent.

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