Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Re: Dynamic Range

In this image does detail in the shadows really add that much to the image?

The noise is annoying, but I would hit the shadows pretty hard with noise reduction.
I copied the second example and in about 30 seconds changed it from this:

to this:

The Canon has less resolution, but it's in the shadows (shadowy: vague, mysterious or secretive, illusory or imaginary). I don't think more detail would add to the overall

This is an example from the lowly E-3

Out of camera:

Quick lift of shadows and noise reduction:

DR and extreme ISO has become synonymous with IQ on this forum. I think of them both as extending the envelope where the camera is usable. Typically it is not what I am interested in shooting, and often there are workarounds. Not that I wouldn't want more DR, but I think the current Panasonic sensors have excellent image quality in the conditions I try to shoot in.

I would like my car to have more horsepower, and faster acceleration can certainly be useful, but I wouldn't give up 5 mpg all the time to get it. I would like more DR and it can certainly be useful in some situations, but I wouldn't give up lens quality in all my shots to get it (or the extra bulk/weight of some systems).

There are always tradeoffs.

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