Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Re: Throwing the argument

boggis the cat wrote:

Are you really saying that Joe needs to "explain" to us what DR is?

Yes, just as much as John King "needed" to explain to us all what a cat was, or Riley and Bill "needed" to explain to us all what a landscape photo is.

So you start with a strawman / non sequitur.

No, I started with a valid point, if you have a brain. If you are out to justify bad behavior at all costs, then it is pretty pointless to have a discussion with you, as we have had this same discussion in private, a discussion in which I would be more than happy to make public. Your lame attempts at misrepresentation are useless and only expose you for the blind idiot you are. you'll justify YOUR behavior at all costs.

No one "needs" to post here at all, nor to respond. It's a privilege afforded us by the hosts of this site. When jackasses like you start trying to decide who "deserves" to post here, THAT'S when the trouble starts.

Followed by a misrepresentation of the argument, a personal attack, a lie, and a delusion or lie (hard to tell which).

The ONLY personal attack came from Jolly Oly. that fact is key in what followed. The misrepresentation of the argument came from you. That fact is also key. The further fact is that after you and he shut your freaking mouths, a normal, civil conversation ensued amongst those who were interested in the topic, a subtle clue as to who was originally screwing everything up.

That question is irrelevant.

It is entirely relevant. It is the only question that need be considered to prove or disprove the dispute, isn't it?

Because it is relevant to YOU, does not make it "entirely" relevant. As usually happens when you or another person decides they have a right to attack someone without cause, they start by manufacturing a cause. When I posed the same question back to you, I didn't get an answer either because you know that your question has nothing to do with whether a person may post here. Your attempt at placing a stipulation on GB's right to post that you do not apply to EVERYONE that posts here is a straw man, and YOU know it. You are just counting on me to be too stupid to know it, but you crapped out on that one.

That's what's so funny about your even attempting to rebut me, you justify tactics for your own use that you declare are wrong for others. A classic move that only lets one know that you knew you were wrong in the beginning. GB never said that OSTF does not know what dynamic range is. He posted the topic so that those who DON'T know or those who would like to discuss it would have that option. You wade in and attempt to assign GB a motive, and then ask ME if I think the motive YOU assigned HIM is what I think. If you do know what a straw man is, how is it you don't recognize it when YOU build one?

The relevance couldn't be more obvious.

The irrelevance couldn't be more obvious, nor could your hypocrisy. The only obvious thing here is that you don't remember saying "have at it" as if you were going to leave this thread. You then realize how much of a total fool you have represented yourself as, and so you come back to try to save face and fix it with MORE specious arguments.

Another strawman, rather than answering the question.

When GB says the same thing, I do remember someone accusing him of demanding answers and that answers are optional.

From this, I will assume that you fully understand the point but are simply attempting to work your way around it. This is Joe's tactic, too.

You are free to assume anything you want. Just be aware that your assumptions and reality have nothing in common.

Done it already.

What you have just proven is that you have no credibility. Just like Joe.

Good. If that's the case, you have discovered about me what I long ago discovered about you during our private discussions. That's why I stopped responding to you. Now, since you feel that way too, take any further discussions about me to either your own thread, where I'll happily engage you in public, or simply shut the hell up as you were doing so well with until now. That will simultaneously give you the opportunity to further publicly prove yourself an idiot, and me the opportunity to help you do so.

For the record, GB already hinted upon the fact that you probably knowingly stir up entertainment for the distraction value alone. So you've been made.


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