Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

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Re: Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

Initially I dismiss Nikon 1 offerings as something I have little use with my preference for compact size cameras with DX format. I brought a Ricoh GXR/28mm and a FF DSLR on a recent trip and found that the compact DX didn't get a lot of use plus getting many OOF shots. Ditto for S95 shots, the hunt focus makes it nearly worthless. If Nikon is to be believed, Nikon 1 may be just the camera I need for a compact cam without sacrificing IQ too much. I used Coolpix BSS feature and definitely find it useful when it is now better implemented, saving me the chore of picking out the best perfectly focus frames for a perfectly timed shots or make an animated gif. As for video, I am also keen to try the slow mo 400fps for amateur scientific study and 'face plant' video that everyone enjoys watching in liveleak. A long and superlight tele would be a joy to use, similar to what Ricoh did when they fit a small sensor on their GXR instead of an aps-c.

I can't wait longer for it to arrive. My dealer says maybe tomorrow. Then its a hard time deciding between a pancake prime or a long tele-zoom. I am leaning on choosing the tele-zoom first.

As for alternatives, there are none as Nikon has not disappointed me before. Plus it is just some small cash outlay which I can afford.

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