Lets see what everyones' upgrade path has been

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Re: Lets see what everyones' upgrade path has been

Interesting thread.

1978 - 1988: An all manual Kodak SLR given to me by my grandfather. I took only black and white. developed and printed them myself in cobbled darkrooms.

1988 - 2000 Nothing (marriage, kids, job, etc. Kept me away/busy)

2000 - 2004 Various Nikon film SLRs shooting and scanning slide then photoshopping the heck out of the files

2004 - 2008 D70

2008 - 2009 D2x

2009 - current D700 and still feelin love for it!!!

Fall of this year - EP3 with Panny 7-14/25/100-300 & Oly 12/45

Interestingly that I probably loved the manual black and white days more than any, still have some of those framed and hanging (OK with a little cheating - scanned the negatives and photoshopped them a bit), and get more comments on those than any others. does that mean I have gone backwards in talent and results over the years? I still have fun so....

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