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Destroying your own credibility for the "neutrality" claim


mrhodges2 wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

That's something that a troll will never be able to do. Only good upstanding members such as yourself have that power.

Yes, your worship. Obviously someone putting up a post "explaining" what DR is to the OSTF specifically is in no way an attempt to cause trouble; and such sad individuals must be protected from having their obvious issues pointed out to them by nasty people like Mr Jolly.

Those nasty slaves won't pick our cotton. Those Jews won't give up their property and get in these nice ovens...

Didn't take you long to get to Godwin's law, did it? Not looking like such a neutral and reasonable commentator now, are you?

Note that your response is a "counter" to my defence of JollyOlly's right of response. Your stance seems to be that Joe has a right to post (free speech) but JollyOlly has no right of response (no free speech). This is inconsistent.

(like ole' Boggis, demonstrating willful stupidity by totally ignoring the fact that GB qualified his position countless times with the stipulation of SAME SENSOR TECHNOLOGY)

"All other things being equal" was, I believe, the position. The fact that all things aren't is no obstacle to trying to insist that a theory is not only 100% correct (it's 96% correct, BTW) but also useful .

It beats your theory on who is allowed to post here and who you are allowed to be abusive to by 196%.

A diversionary strawman.

I'm really glad you posted this though as it makes it easier for people with a brain to see why those who choose to think like you should not be representing themselves as spokespeople for this forum or as an example of the mindset of a typical Olympus owner or forum member.

Unsupported assertions won't cut it with an easily searchable forum. The "he said / she said" uncertainty doesn't apply as anyone can go back through a posting history -- e.g. mine and yours -- to determine the truth of who is arguing for "who is allowed to post here" and "representing themselves as [a spokesperson]".

Actually, they only need look at this particular exchange between us.

So, there you have it. What DR is and what it is useful for.

Well, it's just as well you posted this, as I'm sure that nobody on the OSTF had any idea what DR was.

Or a cat, or a flower, or a fence, or any of the other things that OTHER people routinely post here.

Sorry, but you seem to be arguing that someone posting a photo of a flower has the intention of "educating us" as to what a flower is. Is that so?

I don't recall any "People on the OSTF are confused about what a flower is, here is a photograph of one" posts. Even Joe wouldn't dare be that transparent.

In fact nobody here knew that Olympus cameras could take pictures. Perhaps from now on we should abuse EVERYBODY that posts. That will teach 'em.

The ineffective moderation leads to problems. People countering nonsense posts (such as the OP here) are to be expected due to the lack of a moderator to pull such posts, or otherwise moderate (such as by requesting clarification as to the purpose).

Active moderation is what is required to maintain a reasonable level of civility while allowing for difference of opinion and even heated discussion.


Maybe more like deliberate selective memory.

Fixed your selective quote, your honour.

Trusting you to fix a selective quote is kind of like trusting a serial rapist to fix the toilets in a girl's dorm.

That's highly specific. Do you have more detail to add to this fantasy of yours?

Such personal attacks serve only to detract from your credibility. A moderator would remove the post or otherwise act (such as by editing out such comments) to prevent escalation.

You're an idiot and I'm glad you've proven yourself well enough for me and others to cease to take you seriously. If that ain't a CLOWN, I don't know what is.

Well, Joe is a clown for posting nonsense such as that he started this topic with. You are a clown for trying to support this behaviour without being able to justify it -- instead resorting to personal attacks, strawman argument / false analogy, and even managing to invoke Godwin and some "rapist" nonsense.

Good job?

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