Are the FZ150/FZ47 UHS-I enabled ?

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Are the FZ150/FZ47 UHS-I enabled ?

In the FZ150 and FZ47 doc, it is mentioned that those camera support SD/SDHC/SDXC card but there are no words about UHS-I bus support.

I thus asked the question to Panasonic Support and here is the re-transcription of the conversation:

-Hi, Can you tell me if the camera fz150k is UHS-I enable ... or in other words, does it take advantage of the UHS bus of SDHC cards ? (me)
-Thanks for holding, checks show that they do support UHS-1 (panasonic support)

-Ok to confirm: the FZ150k is able to use the UHS-I bus ? This info is not in the manual ! (me)

-On I do apologize for the misinformation i provided you with, i was looking at the incorrect model. It doesn't indicate the FZ150 supports with UHS-1 cards. (panasonic support)

-Ok, thanks. Are you 100% sure ? this means that the camera write speed on the card is limited to HS speed (20 MB/s). (me)

-Yes I'm sure, the model doesn't indicate that it supports the UHS-1 cards (panasonic support)

On the other hand, there are many reports on the web that the sandisk extreme pro memory card work perfectly on this camera with no lag (even at 5.5fps continous shooting):

This would means (if the support answer I receive is true) that the camera just use the HS bus and thus that the transfer from the buffer to the card is around 20 MB/s (see ).

However, considering that the camera can take 5.5 fps (with no limitation in the number of images) and the images produced (jpg) are arround 5 MB, this make 27.5 MB/s. This speed is not reached by classic SDHC cards and requires UHS-I. I'm thus a bit perplex.

All this appears to be an important question for the choice of the memory card, considering the premium price of the UHS-enable cards ... so I wonder if someone have any comments or more details ?

Thanks for your help,


ps: I bought the FZ150 with the Lexar Professional SDHC card. I will receive it soon and follow in this post to tell you is I face lag in 5.5 fps continuous shooting.

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