Are you sending in your Nex 5n for click repair?

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Re: No...

Slynky wrote:

...(applying a "gain/lose" assessment) given how I shoot video, the (seemingly) "band-aid" solution from Sony, and the chances that in disassembling/re-assembling my camera something might affect its accuracy (calibration), I will just take the "hit" on my purchase.

I guess I need to make a decision if I want to be an early adopter on the NEX 7 now...

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I don't think Sony is applying a "band-aid" fix. Mine came back and Sony indicated that a part was replaced with either a "refurbished" or new part. It was most likely a new part since the 5N has not been out long enough to have refurbished parts. Replacing a part does not sound like a band-aid fix. Sony calls it an performance enhancement, so I am assuming they may have bit the bullet and replaced a part with a better and most likely more expensive part. My 5N works perfectly after the fix. I would recommend that you get yours fixed.

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