one lens on a 5D

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Looks like a lot of BS type answers.

If you only want one lens, than your use ould be verything with that one lens. Of course you use only lens for a 5D.

Keep the 24, get the 50L.
Only one a must: 35L.

All opinion. Sounds like you have a lot of money and want an easy set-up (don't take the wrong way), so maybe just the 50L. If you feel you need more buy the 24 back.

ePan wrote:

I'm in the process of selling off my 24L, 85L, 200L setup for my 5D. Turned out after a year of owning all three that I had several issues with the kit. The 200L was just more of a telephoto than I ever needed, the 85L was far too heavy, and frankly just too much of a lens for my amateur purposes, and while the 24L was by far my favorite lens, I couldn't imagine keeping it as my one lens.

I'm now in the process of replacing all of these with just one prime lens and am just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and has managed to settle on a good one "normal" lens solution. I'm debating between the 35L and 50L. Also keep in mind that I assume somewhere down the line I will also add the 135L or 100mm f/2 to the kit.

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It's almost all opinion folks, gonna have to deal with it.

Equipment: 1 Finger, an eye, a camera body and 50mm (equivalent) lens, half a brain, and a lot of money leftover to spend on using that equipment

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