Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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I can only shake my head

While the ignorance displayed in this thread is not a concern (everyone is ignorant until they learn) just how tightly the ignorant cling to their points of view does look ugly.

Even more frightening is how many on this forum refer to the clingers as their technological gurus.

It allows Oly to sell them a 'new' sensor in the form of the EP-3 and convince them that the E5 is a huge upgrade over the E3 ... when in fact it is the E30 internals put inside an E3 body with some new 'filters' added.

No one can stop an innovation leader.

A weaker AA is not a 'technological development'. If it was, the Panasonic L10 (launched in 2007) was the first in 4/3rds to exploit this 'technological development' to 'lift the veil'. The E510 and E410 was halfway to 'lifting the veil' but then Oly backtracked with subsequent models.

Oly obviously didn't want their users to 'lift the veil' just yet.

How many still believe the 'lift the veil' rubbish I wonder?

Sorry, I rant.

More DR good, all other things equal.

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