Nikkor 18-35 zoom review on Photozone

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Every review site has reviews some people disagree with

Every review site has reviews that some people disagree with. In your case, it's Photozone, and the 18-35mm. A few months ago LensTip had a negative review on the Nikon 35mm F/1.4G, and some people disagreed with that. I've seen people disagree with SLRGear's review (also the 35mm F/1.4G in that case).

IMO, if a review site has people who have disagreements, it's likely they're doing their job Regardless, one should take all reviews with a grain of salt. A lens might get a bad review, but be great for you, or vice versa.

I, personally, had the opposite situation. Review after review claimed the Nikon 50mm F/1.4G was an awesome lens. It is, but not wide open. What the reviews never said was their assessment of wide open performance had a low bar (no F/1.4 lens is very good wide open, especially compared to the same lens stopped down 2-3 stops, so you don't have to be very good to be top of the pack). I ended up selling my 50mm F/1.4G due to poor (in my opinion) wide open performance. For my shooting style, it was not worth the price premium for that extra aperture, since that wide aperture produced soft images (and tons of LoCA). So sometimes a good review can be bad, if not taken in the right context

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