Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Re: Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

Jolly Oly wrote:

mrhodges2 wrote:


first - without too much philosophy here - we all know where this will lead us to, and yes that is pathetic.

You may know where this will lead us to, but apparently you would prefer to skip the WHY it will lead us there.

second - from your recent activity here it's clearly evident that you're a mrGB's lawyer, and that is also pathetic. So to be clear, in my opinion both of you are just clowns performing the same (pathetic) show over and over again.

What's pathetic is your inability to reason from cause to effect. GB is not the common denominator in my "law" practice, but rather people like you that are fond of being idiots, in threads that I happen to follow. If you or anyone else trashes a thread that I'm following, I'll respond, pro-bono, be it long time "troll" GB, or a brand new forum member.


The pathetic part is that like some others here, apparently you have trouble distinguishing where the pathetic behavior started, in the case of the thread above, it was professor "Smiley" changing the subject from a person's OP on one topic to his assertion that the OP was a troll. In your case, it's you changing the subject from Dynamic Range to the issue of whether the OP's topic belongs in this forum, (a protest with merit, had you stopped there) and how pathetic you think the OP is. I responded to both of your comments with fair rebuttal, supporting my assertions with facts.

If your pointing out that the OP is "pathetic" is acceptable forum behavior, certainly pointing out how your patheticness managed to supersede his , complete with support for my opinion, can hardly be faulted. On the contrary though, like others of your ilk, you find it much easier to accuse me of being someone's lawyer rather than face the truth that your OWN behavior is unacceptable, and smacks of the same mentality that people use to defend prejudice, bigotry, racism and other forms of abusive behavior.

I'm an avid Olympus owner, and forum member, but one who hotly detests idiotic forum members giving this place a bad reputation. That's something that a troll will never be able to do. Only good upstanding members such as yourself have that power. (like ole' Boggis, demonstrating willful stupidity by totally ignoring the fact that GB qualified his position countless times with the stipulation of SAME SENSOR TECHNOLOGY)

But wait, Joe, isn't it all about "total light"?

How is it that an APS-C system can out-perform a 135 system? The 135 system > has more total light.

Oh, this must be an example of reality kicking theory square in the wedding
tackle. Thanks for clearing that up. emoticon - smile

Maybe more like deliberate selective memory.

Cheers, right back at ya', and you also have a nice day.


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