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To answer some questions. After trying a bunch of "cheapo" adapters I bought the Novoflex. The differences between them have been debated here ad nausium. If it meets your needs, great! The reason I bought the Novoflex? One of the best explanations?

"Most of the cheapies focus beyond infinity. That means the numbers on lens focus scale are no longer accurate, so you can't use the depth of field marks on a manual lens to determine DOF or hyperfocal distance. It also means that you lose something off your minimum focusing distance. It also means that lenses which have floating elements (which means all zooms and many high-quality primes) will not give the optimum optical correction for which they are designed. Why? Because the spacing of elements is intended to correlate with a specific distance from the sensor, and that distance is too close with an adapter which focus beyond infinity."

As for the EyeFi? With all the shooting I do, I have never run a battery all the way down, with or without the EyeFi card. I always have a fresh battery in the camera: easy enough to do when you have 2 batteries and one is always charged in the charger. Just swap them when you leave the house. I have not checked to see how much distance from the camera, the Nook stops picking up the EyeFi card. That said, even without the Nook, it is way cool to walk into the house, turn the camera on ... and when I sit down, the images I captured are on my computer!!
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