Noktor Hyperprime 12mm = Kowa 8mm + teleconversion?

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Re: Sorry to dissapoint but it seems like it is not the Kowa

blofelder wrote:

I stand corrected. Glad to see that the mft-system is expanding!

From the sample images I've seen, the 12mm noktor is soft in the corners around maximum aperture, exhibits some barrel distortion and is very prone to flare. I hope someone tests it with a matte box to see if it helps with the flaring issues.

I've had some communication from the factory today. One thing they have changed is the flare response. They have reduced flare by 30% but want to keep some in at full aperture because they have had some positive response to it artistically. I think I understand both points of view (!) as the psychadelic flare just goes at f2.

A Land Rover, a camera ... I'm happy!

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