HX100 N.D. Filter Observations

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Re: HX100 N.D. Filter Observations

quicky422 wrote:

... Like I said, the only way I know it's effecting my shot is the darker image on the screen and/or I hear the filter switch on/off(and mine is very quiet too)!!

I have never seen the ND filter make my pictures darker. In PAS modes, the metering of the camera will automatically compensate and the exposure would remain the same. By the nature of Manual mode, you would have to compensate for that yourself.

The most common use of an ND filter is to allow using a longer shutter speed but keep the exposure (brightness) the same. The second most common use is to allow a wider aperture (more bokeh) while again keeping the exposure the same.

A limitation of our bridge cameras is the upper limit of f8. I've had SLRs that would go 3 stops smaller to f22, and all of my lenses would go to f16. Sony has to compensate for bright sunlight somehow. Every lens I have owned has had a 'sweet spot' where it was the very sharpest. Might be f4, f5.6 or whatever. I have a strong suspicion that one of the reasons we are limited to f8 is that diffaction gets too noticable beyond that. An ND filter will give us those 'missing' 3 stops at the high end without sacrificing any sharpness.

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