FZ150 - how is the EVF?

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Re: FZ150 - how is the EVF?

I have been shooting only in 16x9. Every thing you ask about is just fine. Well representative of what you will be getting. The video even plays back in it if you like. You won't be sending the camera back because of the EVF.

In fact I have only come across one person that did send it back and that was because it wasn't heavy enough for him. As always buy from someone with a liberal return policy, Amazon, then B&H Photo.

ianimal wrote:

I am looking for a camera some smaller then my Sony DSLR's.

I would like to have a EVF (electronic viewfinder), it don't need to be
the best there is today. Just good enough for my hobby shooting.

How is the EVF in the FZ150, colours, contrast, refresh rate, size etc?
Good enough and helpful on a sunny day or?
What if you are shooting with fast frame rates, like the 5,5 fps?


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