Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Re: prickely subject in FT ...for 5DII and d3 owners too

Camp Freddy wrote:

Oly users get all defensive and into avoidance. So GB can also have a call on this...

I'm well known as an advocate of FF, yet I began my post with an example of APS-C wiping the floor with FF. As I said, there is more to a system besides DR, but one would certainly hope that people could recognize when one system has an advantage over another and acknowledge it, even when the system with the advantage is not the system of choice for the person.

There's no reason that FF or 4/3 cannot have the same DR that the Sony Exmor sensor provides APS-C -- it's simply a matter of sensor tech, in this particular case.

here is my reply

YES a bit more DR would be appreciated in the format FT/mFT : it is apparently possible.

Why? Well noise is mentioned, also detail in the top of the quarter tones and the top of the shadows can contribute to realism in the image with depth and believable contrast, or the opposite in making an image which goes beyond what they eye would percieve at a glance.

Also being able to "push" a shot which was either under or over exposed if it is a killer frame ( some papparrazi have gone D7000 over d3 due to this ).

So you get a little more, but how often you need that is another call versus general ability and composition.


Who needs HDR would be a better title but a popcorn sport not for me.

Having a wide DR lattitude in the capture is not only useful for HDR-like processing -- it simply allows a greater variety of tone curves to be "successfully" applied to the capture. Think of extended DR (as opposed to HDR) as giving more options in terms of the "art filters".

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