Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: iPhone 4S vs Canon 7D!

olyflyer wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

lol, I always get this crazy de-ja-vu feeling when I read one of these rants, so I edited it to remind me of the old times.

I don't appreciate your nonsense of editing my message. If you have a different opinion, say it, but what you did is nothing but rude provocative crap.

At worst it's on par with your post.

"comparing with real cameras is just fanboyish nonsense" is nothing but rude and provocative, particular on a web site dedicated to reviewing and comparing cameras.

Claiming they "can't" be compared is the height of logical absurdity. An apple can be compared to an automobile - one is tasty and good for eating, the other is good for getting to the store. Two devices that take pictures are far and obviously more comparable than that.

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