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jim stirling
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Re: your now famous fake photoshop blur technique

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

I'm not here to post "great" examples of my work.

Then congratulations you succeeded

jim stirling wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

perhaps I should of used your now famous fake photoshop blur technique????

If you can’t see the difference between a quick play with an mFT snapshot to give an illusion of blur, and posting crappy wedding images that you are actually charging folk for you really need a reality check. And as seen below you are indeed a master of the old blur technique


:)actually that was for illustration purposes as stated in the thread and is the ONLY time I would add blur in post, unlike yourself...

I have the proper equipment to give real shallow DOF if I want it, and it was added to this snapshot { below} only for the sake of trying to simulate the effect on a slow kit lens , admittedly not a great effort on my part but to be frank I have seen a lot worse posted here. And this was a quick snap taken on a day at a race for life my daughter was taking part in so I opted for a smaller lighter camera.

you mean more shallow DOF I wouldn't say better control of DOF maybe even less control. The build quality of the GH1 and GH2 is good enough, battery life - well battery grips and additional batteries are available. Viewfinders are old news and offer next to no advantages over the LCD screen but many disadvantages.

Anything that can be done with an mFT with regard to DOF can easily be done by simply stopping down the lenses to the desired aperture. And no the GH2 build quality is nowhere near professional {i do have a GH2}

You seem to spend most of your time patrolling the Micro Four Thirds and Olympus forums to tell everyone that they can't be used for professional use, probably to protect your investment in your beloved Nikon D3, well to me a camera is a tool to get the job done to my clients satisfaction.

The D3s is by far the best tool available for event photography . And naturally you can use any camera you wish to do weddings { i used to use film } , the difference between the best and will do is pretty obvious to most folk. Cameras pay for themselves many times over so cost is not really that much of an issue . And unlike you I have mFT gear { GF1,GH2 14-45,14-140 ,20,45,and Olympus lenses 12-60 and 50mm macro} as well as a very comprehensive range of FF Nikon gear including the D3s & D3x and as such I can very easily see the pros and cons of each set up whereas you work under the allusion / delusion that mFT is the only deal in town.

btw next year my wedding bookings are up by 38%, strange eh?

I hear the car trade expects to sell more Fords than Rolls-Royce , quality of results is only one criteria clients consider.

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