Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: iPhone 4S vs Canon 7D!

Jontwd wrote:

Omg, check this youtube video out guys.

iPhone 4S vs Canon 7D

I think I'm going to get the iPhone 4S and not bother about getting a camera. Any comments?

You may be able to live with the drawbacks, but there are some drawbacks.

The biggest one is trying to take pics in indoor lighting. My cousin has an iPhone and took some pics on our last family vacation. When he used the "flash" on the iPhone it dropped the shutter speed to 1/15 and half the pics are blurry because someone in the pic moved or he didn't hold the camera still enough. Taking pics in indoor lighting of people without flash is similarly impossible.

That's the biggest drawback of a cell camera - the lack of a real flash. Other things include the difficulty in keeping the lens clean (it sits in your pocket), and the complete lack of any optical zoom. Oh, and I've run into even more problems with dynamic range (blown out totally white skies) with my cell camera than my regular camera, neither is perfect though.

One cannot argue with a phone convenience. For me the really big issue is the indoor lighting stuff.

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