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Re: your now famous fake photoshop blur technique

the image posted wasn't to illustrate white balance, technique, choice of lenses, post processing or my skills as a wedding photographer but to show an example of the new 45-175mm which other people might find useful.
I'm not here to post "great" examples of my work.

jim stirling wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

perhaps I should of used your now famous fake photoshop blur technique????

If you can’t see the difference between a quick play with an mFT snapshot to give an illusion of blur, and posting crappy wedding images that you are actually charging folk for you really need a reality check. And as seen below you are indeed a master of the old blur technique


:)actually that was for illustration purposes as stated in the thread and is the ONLY time I would add blur in post, unlike yourself...

There are good reasons why about 99.9% of wedding photographers don’t use mFT; these include better DOF control, better image quality, better DR and far better noise performance along with other factors like better build quality, battery life and real viewfinders. It is bad enough that you post these types of images, but you genuinely think that they are great examples of your skills and how well the equipment does, you then insult and abuse everyone { and there are plenty} who points out the faults with you & your images .

you mean more shallow DOF I wouldn't say better control of DOF maybe even less control. The build quality of the GH1 and GH2 is good enough, battery life - well battery grips and additional batteries are available. Viewfinders are old news and offer next to no advantages over the LCD screen but many disadvantages.

You seem to spend most of your time patrolling the Micro Four Thirds and Olympus forums to tell everyone that they can't be used for professional use, probably to protect your investment in your beloved Nikon D3, well to me a camera is a tool to get the job done to my clients satisfaction.

Out of the 100's of weddings I've done I have NEVER been asked by clients what camera I use or whether I use a viewfinder they are only interested in my ability to accurately capture their day and the quality final images delivered to them.

btw next year my wedding bookings are up by 38%, strange eh?

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The purpose of bokeh shouldn't be subject isolation, but subject priority, discuss...

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